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What's in a Fashion Consultant?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

In the fashion industry, we know Fashion Consultants as individuals who are hired to assist people with their image or wardrobe that needs to be updated or upgraded for many different reasons. However, after working with many clients for various reasons, I have come to a conclusion that Fashion Consultants are also a type of photoshop too!, in our own right. Let me explain. You see, just as we fine-tune our photos to crop out undesired areas on our bodies, the consultant works diligently with the client to find silhouettes and pieces to crop out and compliment those trouble areas. And just as we select filters to make our appearance pop brighter than it did before, Fashion Consultants find the perfect colors for your skin tone to help create that perfect polished look that you desire! #whatsinyourfashionconsultant

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