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The Wait is Over!

You were created for a purpose! The skills and talents you possess, whether you know what they are or not, were given to you to impact and dominate an area, region, sphere, or territory here on earth. But to fulfill this mandate for your life, we must first learn what basic principles God has set before us in His Word to carry them out. If we are knowledgeable about these keys and apply them to our lives, we then have access to live the life God planned for us long ago!

It doesn't matter where you find yourself in life. Whether you feel on course or off, confused or unsure about where you are, please know that God knows exactly where you are! This book is a blueprint for change and transformation that will help you navigate in the direction and purpose God has for your life.

What's at Your Core?: Are You Fashioned One On One?

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Congrats on the new book

Aundra Ulmer
Aundra Ulmer
13 aug. 2022
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Thanks, Jonah!🙌🏿

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