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How's your accessory life?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Just as our wardrobes are updated and upgraded. In the same way, we should take inventory of our accessories periodically. This is specifically directed toward the more trendier pieces that tend to be less expensive, therefore needing to be purchased more often. Since accessories can glam up any mediocre look, pay special attention to details. Always ensure that you are careful to switch out the pairs that have started to oxidate. Trust me, I know all about those super cute!, but really cheap ones your holding on to, because you haven't seen anything like them. And to top it all off you think to yourself, "I should have bought two!", when you returned back to purchase another pair, but realize someone took your earrings lol. In cases like these, especially if they are your go-to's, and the materials are in the wood or the metal family . You can visit your local arts & crafts store and pick out the best match in a spray can, for a quick and easy fix!

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