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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Hi my name is Aundra, your Fashion Consultant and author of Fashion One on One: Back to the Basics. I want to first thank you for stopping past to check out this site. It was created and designed specifically with you in mind, yes, you! No matter where you find yourself in life right now, whether embarking on a new season, desire change, or transformation, Fashion One on One will help you achieve those goals and get you there with confidence! Looking forward to consulting with you soon. Check out my bio below.

Author, entrepreneur, Fashion Consultant and Fashion designer Aundra G. Ulmer has worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years. Aundra’s million-dollar eye for putting stellar looks together, in as little as 15 minutes has caused a fashion awakening among clients and onlookers. Making Aundra one of the most sought after Fashion Consultants in the DMV. Her high-fashion looks have graced the bodies of the everyday woman and whose diverse clientele includes an inspirational songstress, TV Fashion Host, transformational life coach & speaker and a Hip Hop artist just to name a few. Aundra has also appeared on DC TV’s “Style Access” and was requested to sit on a panel at Sirius XM radio in Washington DC as a fashion expert for “Key secrets to becoming a media mogul”. Aundra resides in Washington DC with her three children.

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