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Fashion One on One: Back to the Basics

SKU: 9781662904561

A guide ready to empower, equip, and inspire women to bring forth their best selves every day! Whether you are embarking on a new season in life, desire change or transformation. Fashion One on One will help you get there in confidence!  You will learn fashion tips,  fashion no's, must-haves, and more!


 Since I’ve worked in the fashion industry, I’ve had the pleasure to work with thousands of people from all over the world! I’ve rendered my services to many different ethnicities and personalities, having to keep in mind and be sensitive to their own belief systems. However, despite some small and big challenges, the bottom line for every client was pretty much the same. They all shared the common thread of having no idea what to look for when it came to shopping for an event or occasion—and not to mention the untimely ones who had to settle for disappointing results and lacked the ability to find the right look or style that would benefit their body type for their everyday styling needs. These types of scenarios ignited a spark in me to come up with a solution that would equip women with the keys to fashion that would change the way they feel and view themselves as well as give them the knowledge to create and keep the perfect wardrobe to consistently dress for success every single day.



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