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Are you ready for learning and fun?

Here at Fashion One on One, we know it takes work to bring forth your best self. Join me this Saturday, July 16th, @ 5 pm for an eye-opening experience on what it takes to show up and "Ace the Interview." After this course, you will show up with ease and confidence! So, if you are serious about leveling up your professional development, click the link below to register, and I will see you there! *this is an online course Register @ and type in "Core Keys

Here's Why You Should!

Hey Guys, If you are debating whether to register for the event, here is a takeaway/ testimony from "Core Keys To Ace The Interview" from February. Don't settle for average when you can gain core knowledge, understanding, skills, and factors need to show up and "Ace The Interview!" *This is an online event Register or use the link below. #fashioneoneonone #whatsatyourcore #coreessentials #interviewtips #interviewsecrets #interviews

You're Invited!

Did you know that your background and credentials can get you the interview? But does not determine on whether you "Ace The Interview?" Join me for this eye-opening experience, where I will be instructing on core keys and strategies needed to show up & "Ace The Interview!" *This is an online event Register or use the link below to reserve your seat today! #fashioneoneonone #interviewpreparation #interviewprep #interviewtips #interv

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