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Aundra Says...

Always remember, God will never require from you anything He has not already given. #godiswithus #whatsatyourcore #makeastatement #yougotthis #keepgoing #standyourground #dontstop #dontquit #forkingandcountry #fashiononeonone #aundrasays #whatsatyourcore #itsworththefight


I learned from a great teacher once that, In some instances, you have to push back in the direction of the opposition. That opposition is an indication that you are on the edge of a breakthrough! And in the same way, Jesus told his disciples to go to the other side of the sea of Galilee, knowing they were going to experience the adverse winds. Jesus shows up in the middle of their fight to stay on course, and immediately, they are at their destination. #whatsatyourcore #ar

It Will Pay Off!

This is a word God gave me for His people during an opportunity to bring forth the Word of God a few months ago. I was reminded of it today. The Bible teaches us that God is no respecter of a person, according to Acts 10:34. In other words, trust God to bring it to the past. In due season you will reap a harvest. You may not understand what you are going through right now or why?; however, if you don't give up or give in when you cross over into that territory, you will s

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